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We the above named understand that the appointment requested must be confirmed by Holiday Opportunities prior to attendance. Additionally we confirm that we meet the criteria as shown below
We are looking for people who are most likely to appreciate the holidays that are being promoted. Participants must therefore meet the following criteria to qualify for the award(s):
    • Homeowner(s)/ Tenants welcome
    • Married or cohabiting for 2 years or more
    • Both parties must attend, whether married or cohabiting
    • Both must be aged between 25 and 70
    • Have a combined income of £20,000 or more per annum
    • Both parties must be British citizens
    • Spending more than £750 per year on Holidays
    • Must attend for a minimum of 90 minutes
Only you, the individuals named on this invitation are allowed to claim your Awards hence the need for photographic identification (two for each, preferably passports). . This offer is not transferable and as recipients, you are asked to holiday together

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